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With every good design – the true skill in completing and enhancing a stunning building project or development is the finishing touches.

Our handmade range of clay fittings are not only a natural choice in conservation areas but will add to the character and value of any property.

From valley tiles to ridge tiles and with the addition of bespoke individually crafted products including mono, third round & baby porch ridges, vented ridge tiles, bat access tile sets, plus ornamental tiles – club, bullnose, diamond and fishtail.


DescriptionNominal size (mm)Pack QuantityUnit Weight (average) KGPack Weight
Eave Tile215 x 16510000.90900
Gable Tile265 x 2486002.181308
Universal Valley Tile290 x 3153302.30759
Universal Bonnet Hip295 x 3402702.20594
Half Round Ridge305 long2523.30832
Hogs back Ridge305 long2703.00810
Third Round Ridge305 x 2402002.80560
Baby Porch Ridge305 long3201.00320
External Angle175 long5001.80900
Ornamental Tile (Club, Bullnose, Fishtail, Double Shouldered Club)265 x 16510001.10 1100
Bat Tile Access (3 Tile Set)265 x 165 (x3)3.80