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Wall & Facade Tiles


Hand-painted ceramic tiles adorned with expressive designs.
Even the coldest interior may be warmed up with colour accents. Hand-painted decorative tiles will add colour to small surfaces, e.g. in fireplaces and on counters, but they may also act as table tops or liquor cabinets.
Choose a design ideal for your interior.



Decorative tiles of classic character and natural look.
The rough character of these decorative tiles will work great not only in outside facades. It may also act as a great complement for modern, minimalistic interiors.
Choose a shape ideal for your interior.



One-colour ceramic tiles covered with a layer of glaze.
Decorative ceramic tiles covered with a layer of glaze. They stand out with their durability and resistance to wear. A broad selection of colours gives you the possibility to find ceramics suitable for your interior’s atmosphere.


Facade tiles

Ceramics for external use
Ceramic decorative elements do not have to be all about roof tiles. Brick facade tiles are an excellent complement and together they form a unique and harmonious whole.