Sep 29 2017

Wood-burning ceramic stoves

The Traditional Brand is extending its product range to include these new vibrantly coloured, ceramic wood-burning stoves. These are made from the same traditional clay as our tiles and are available in four classic versions and ten basic colours. Traditional forms in architecture is our passion. Thus we develop our ceramic product portfolio, introducing handmade ceramic stoves.

Our handicraft production methods allow to customize every detail of the stove to the requirements, which the investor sets for the interior design of his home. Color, size and pattern of the tile can be any. We suggest four classic types of furnaces in ten basic colors. Ceramics is combined with details made of bronze. Ventilation holes on the top surface of the stove cut according to the aesthetics of the nineteenth century templates, referring to the organic shapes.
Stoves, like no other device in the home provides an opportunity to perform a variety of decorative and architectural solutions.

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