How accurate are the descriptions and images?
We try to ensure all products and services listed on our website are described accurately. Images are limited to the photographic process and may vary on individual computers. Some images may be reproduced from the individual manufacturer and we cannot be responsible for any variations. Please remember all tiles supplied are natural products and may vary in shade, texture & size.

Do you provide samples?
Of course, we understand that seeing a photo to a physical sample will differ. We always advise seeing a sample before placing an order. Samples can be ordered over the phone or through our website.

Can you visit us and our site to discuss our requirements?
Yes, we would be more than happy to come and see you. This is best practice, we get a much better understanding of what you require. Contact us, and we will arrange a time & day.

I like the tiles you offer, but I am not sure how many I need, can you help?
Yes of course we can help. Send us your technical roof plans and we will supply an estimated quantity take off. Please note these are only estimates so we advise checking with your appointed building / roofing contractor before ordering.