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The Earth is a rich reservoir of resources, one which mankind has been utilising for thousands of years. Regarding architecture, clay is used as a finishing material but its role is so much more important, as it also gives rise to culture. Throughout our long history, and all around the world, clay has been shaped into myriad forms and structures and has always constituted an expression of creative thought. The notion ‘Earth architecture,’ which also concerns clay plasters, is an allusion to a certain philosophy of building, a historical reference, a symbolic turn towards the historic origins of architecture.

Quality Warranty

Our ready-to-use plasters contain only clay and sand, and if you wish to achieve a specific texture it is possible to add straw, wood chips, mineral additives, etc. Clay itself, in turn, is composed of sandy silt, sand and gravel of varied grain sizes, and uses the so-called Tertiary varicoloured clay (a local variation of clay occurring near Poznań) as the binder. Nature provides it all, right down to the colour.

The Earth’s Unlimited Palette of colours

We do not add any artificial pigments to our plasters. The colours are natural – these are the colours of the Earth, just as they occur in nature. It is possible to mix clays with different colours and thus any secondary colour can be created.

Feel the Difference

Live in an interior with a clay finish

Clay plasters are characterised and distinguished by a number of performance parameters, thanks to which they have a considerable advantage over commonly-used conventional plasters. These are:

  • No ingredients that are harmful to health
  • Regulation of the relative humidity level inside rooms through moisture absorption or desorption, depending on the conditions; this way the interior preserves the optimum atmosphere for our comfort
  • Odour neutralisation
  • Anti-allergic protection and mould elimination
  • Protection of occupants against electromagnetic radiation
  • Possibility to achieve unique surfaces
  • Dirt resistance; clay surfaces do not attract domestic dust even through the long winter months when the radiators are pumped up to the maximum
  • After removal from the wall it is re-usable; simply add water and start afresh

Clay plaster is an environmentally-friendly and renewable material.

Endless possibilities for wall design and structural finishing

The plasticity of clay allows a number of techniques to be used in the creation of different textures: smooth, fine-grained, coarse-grained, or rustic. With the addition of straw, thatch, or wood chips, it becomes a creative wall installation. Clay offers a multitude of possibilities to finish the walls depending on the tool used (trowel, spatula, float), which can additionally be different on their edges or flat surfaces. Or you can simply apply the clay by hand, thus leaving artistic impressions on the walls. With clay you can sculpt, extrude, or apply a selection of ornaments and decorative patterns from prefabricated templates.

Your imagination is the only limit with the best clay plaster finish

Choose, decide, create freely based on an architectural plan of the interior, all so that you can feel most entirely at home. The rest will be done for you through the natural power of clay.

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